Property Management

With more and more people considering renting rather than owning a property to live in, property management has never been more crucial, in the sense that the properties need to be well looked after to deliver long term returns. We take property management extremely seriously, as we believe that good management delivers great results! Talk to us and find out our streamlined management process today!

Property Management

For too long, property management has been the side-kick of property sales in the market, and it doesn’t look like it is going to change any time soon. However, we think they are equally important! To us, property management nurtures genuine relationships between all parties, and it is typically a marathon, rather than a sprint.

We set out processes and procedures upfront, so every part of the property management is captured and monitored. As a seasoned management team, we understand that our job is to ensure both the owners and tenants focus on what they do best to earn their income and enjoy their lives, whilst the rents are being paid on time, repairs attended to in a timely manner, and properties well maintained. However, these are results of a well-thought-out plan, rather than a coincidence. 

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What we specialise in

Well-chosen residential properties appreciate over time, whilst commercial properties typically generate higher cashflow. Ideally, buying properties off-the-plan secures future value at today’s price, whilst accommodation businesses rely heavily on the demand for quality stock. 

We specialise in building up investment portfolios that generate returns your way by investing in and managing a wide variety of properties, including residential units, house and land packages, commercial properties and accommodation businesses across QLD.

Let’s set a goal, and work out a strategy!