G-Realty is a real estate agency with a different vision. We believe in property and property-related businesses. Amongst the team, we have decades of experience in property sales and management, management letting rights, finance, accounting and taxation.

With the backing of the above, we offer practical solutions and investment strategies that reflect our ideology in property investment. Call us and discover how we can help you improve your portfolio!

Our Philosophy

G-Realty is about changing your relationship with property investment, as the way we see it, property investment is an enterprise that requires vision, strategies, discipline and support. What’s more, property investment is not about just buying a few properties, rather, it is the undertaking of accumulating interest in both properties of various nature, and property-related businesses, that delivers stable and sustainable returns.


Imaging holding a portfolio that has huge potential to go up in value in 10 years, yet delivering no cash flow until then, whilst you need cashflow to help you stay afloat right this moment. What good is this portfolio to you?

Balancing out the need for cashflow and future growth, the security and financial return, the sustainability of the portfolio and market changes, as well as the individual needs and desire, that is what we do. In a world that is changing faster than ever, and demands instant and constant mindset and behavioural shifts, following the underlying principles is now more crucial than ever!

Talk to us and find out what these principles are.


What we specialise in

Well-chosen residential properties appreciate over time, whilst commercial properties typically generate higher cashflow. Ideally, buying properties off-the-plan secures future value at today’s price, whilst accommodation businesses rely heavily on the demand for quality stock. 

We specialise in building up investment portfolios that generate returns your way by investing in and managing a wide variety of properties, including residential units, house and land packages, commercial properties and accommodation businesses across QLD.

Let’s set a goal, and work out a strategy!

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