Traditional real estate agents focus only on one type of properties and lack a holistic view in property and related investment. We think differently. We believe in investment in the whole spectrum of properties and property-related businesses.

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People often ask: “I have invested in properties, what else can I do?” What do you hear? “Buy more properties!” It may be right, yet what type of properties to buy is the question.

We specialise in three niches in addition to the established residential properties, which offer distinctive benefits in one’s portfolio:

1) Off the plan: it generally provides better cashflow in terms of negative gearing benefits, requires less repair and maintenance work, and secures future value at today’s price if selected well;

2) Commercial properties: it typically generates higher cashflow income for extended period of time for each tenancy, which, depending on the size and location of the property, can be as long as 15 years, if a major retail brand takes up the tenancy;

3) Accommodation businesses: This is where it gets interesting. Many people are anxious when thinking about investing in business, due to the inherent uncertainty of businesses. Yet, a lot of property related businesses is simply a larger scale of property management, and if planned well and supported by the right team, it can generate impressive returns at modest risk.

Invest in accommodation businesses such as management rights, property management, hotels/motels, and the like, and earn a return differently!

What we specialise in

Well-chosen residential properties appreciate over time, whilst commercial properties typically generate higher cashflow. Ideally, buying properties off-the-plan secures future value at today’s price, whilst accommodation businesses rely heavily on the demand for quality stock. 

We specialise in building up investment portfolios that generate returns your way by investing in and managing a wide variety of properties, including residential units, house and land packages, commercial properties and accommodation businesses across QLD.

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